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DR. Anshul Agrawal

Interventional Pain & Spine Specialist


Under the guidance of Dr. Anshul Agrawal(DA, DNB), Sparsh Spine and Pain Centre is offering the highest standard of quality care with most advanced treatments by implementing practice guidelines. We focus on holistic approach for pain management, encouraging healthy lifestyle changes and promoting overall well-being.

We endeavor to serve the best possible outcomes by blending advanced knowledge & modern treatment options with care of individual patient.

We understand that pain is a distressing feeling & complex & subjective phenomenon & most common reason for physician consultation & can interfere in a person’s quality of life. Thus, We provide a wide range of interventional treatments performed under ultrasound guidance or fluoroscopy guidance.

Pain management is the branch of medicine employing an interdisciplinary approach to relief of pain & improvement in quality of life.

We offer non-surgical treatments options to the patients which are performed under local infiltration anesthesia only.

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Sparsh Spine and Pain Centre Indore

Lower back pain or Spine Pain can be caused by a variety of problems with any parts of the complex, interconnected network of spinal muscles, nerves, bones, discs or tendons in the lumbar spine. Typical sources of low back pain include:

  • The large nerve roots in the low back that go to the legs may be irritated
  • The smaller nerves that supply the low back may be irritated
  • The large paired lower back muscles (erector spinae) may be strained
  • The bones, ligaments or joints may be damaged
  • An intervertebral disc may be degenerating
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Sparsh Spine and Pain Centre

Chronic pain may originate with an initial trauma/injury or infection, or there may be an ongoing cause of pain. Some people suffer chronic pain in the absence of any past injury or evidence of body damage.

The symptoms of chronic pain include:

  • Mild to severe pain that does not go away
  • Pain that may be described as shooting, burning, aching, or electrical
  • Feeling of discomfort, soreness, tightness, or stiffness
Sparsh Spine and Pain Centre

Most cancer pain is caused by the tumour pressing on bones, nerves or other organs in the body. Sometimes pain is due to your cancer treatment. For example, some chemotherapy drugs can cause numbness and tingling in your hands and feet. Or they might cause a burning sensation at the spot where you have the injection.

Types of Cancer Pain:

  • Nerve pain caused by pressure on nerves or the spinal cord, or by damage to the nerves.
  • Bone pain caused by damaging the bone tissue.
  • Soft tissue pain from a body organ or muscle.
  • Phantom pain that is pain in a part of the body that has been removed.
  • Referred pain in which people can feel pain from an organ in the body in a different part of their body.
Sparsh Spine and Pain Centre

Neuropathic pain is a complex, chronic pain state that usually is accompanied by tissue injury. With neuropathic pain, the nerve fibers themselves may be damaged, dysfunctional, or injured. These damaged nerve fibers send incorrect signals to other pain centers. The impact of nerve fiber injury includes a change in nerve function both at the site of injury and areas around the injury. Causes of Neuropathic pain include alcoholism, back/leg/hip problem, spine surgery, shingles, chemotherapy, etc. Neuropathic pain symptoms may include:

  • Shooting and burning pain
  • Tingling and numbness
Neck Pain

If you have got neck pain, associate degree specialist is also the correct specialist to check. associate degree specialist may be a extremely trained doctor, intimate the skeleton and its structures.

Neck pain may be a common grievance. Neck muscles are often strained from poor posture — whether or not it's leaning into your pc at work or hunching over your worktable reception. Wear-and-tear inflammatory disease is also a typical reason behind neck pain.

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Back Pain

Back pain ranges from a uninteresting, constant ache to a unforeseen, sharp pain. It will be enervating and considerably cut back the standard of your life. about eightieth of the U.S. population can expertise back pain at it slow in their lives. associate accident, fall or lifting one thing significant will evoke back pain as will age-related changes to the spine. Pre-disposition to chronic back issues conjointly causes back pain.

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Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal neuralgia is treated on associate patient basis, unless neurosurgical intervention is needed. Management of this condition should be tailored one by one, supported the patient's age and general condition. Within the case of symptomatic tic douloureux, adequate treatment is that of its cause, the main points of that ar out of the scope of this text

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